Kendrick's "Alright" x Final Fantasy VII Mashup Edit SINGLE (dropped at Electric Forest 2015)

by Freddy Todd

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I love Final Fantasy so much, VII had the most inspirational and impeccable soundtrack ever. Video game soundtracks in general (FF, Zelda, etc) from a key period in my life as a young boy up until about 14 (when I started making electronic music, hmm wonder why I stopped playing video games so much) definitely leaked their way into my brain's influential innovational center, resulting in my weird music of today. I got a little older and my ears turned towards rap, hip hop, beat music, bass music, & generally any kind of psychedelic music (jazz and beyond). And we all love Kendrick. His new album is so fantastic. So when my roommate started re-playing my Final Fantasy VII game a few months ago, my ears perked up when i re-heard what had definitely extremely influenced me in the past, FFVII's "Fanfare" track which is played every time you beat a bad guy. The track is so ill on its own. Just add some 808 kicks for it to bang on a system. And Kendrick L belting We Gon Be Alright?? Its over. Mashed up and dropped live to well over a few thousand people at my set this year at the forest stage at Electric Forest 2015 in Michigan. That was fun!

ps. been getting a lot of requests for my entire forest set which unfortunately i did not record, although even if i did, i wouldnt be able to release it for a while because it contained a bunch of unreleased material and an entire new album that isnt out yet, which by the way.....

pss. this song is just a mashup, an entire new EP (of 4 brand new original solo tracks as well as two remixes) is coming very soon, exciting release details coming shortly ;)))))))


released July 8, 2015



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